The Dragflick trainer

The Dragflick trainer is a must for professionals and a welcome way to distinguish yourself for every team member. It is a specialism that has to be practised a lot. With the steps and firezone guiding you to execute the movement correctly, you will soon experience improvement. The steps are based on the rythm of the dragflicker from run-up point, to pick-up point, to firezone. The firezone is marked with a speedladder in clear firing colours.

Additionally there is a 3D ball collection part to help you to have your balls ready near you. The white line equals the circle line so distance to goal is always right.

The dragflick trainer is available as a standalone mat or can be integrated in an autonomous safe dragflick cage. In this way no other training fields are in danger of missed balls. With an ipad device the dragflick movement can be analysed further.

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