Fysiotherapy is a world of motion. Aimed at recovery, posture amelioration, flexibility and sports. For all ages, from kids to elderly people and every age in between. To serve all target groups a multifunctional practise mat could be a welcome tool. All kind of figures can be implemented, with both 2D and 3D elements: a special mathematics practise, a balance practise, a running track, a lot of different figures can be combined and used at the same time. Colour schemes can be customizedly adapted.


Rehabilitation is most of the time a long lasting process. A process in which a patient slowly makes progress. First goal is getting back to basic movements, merging into more challenging steps later. These challenging, 3D elements can be built in a rehabilitation track that not only contributes to better motion but also appeals to the patients by the use of colours and variety of balance excersizes.


A mulitfunctional OUTDOOR fysiotrack! In spring or summer the monitoring of intensive practise by multiple patients in one sports room can be quite muggy. Wouldn’t it be eminent to have a customized 2D and 3D fysio skillpark outdoors? Practising with a group of patients in fresh air will achieve both good results and appreciation! CsignMotion is happy to design the perfect multi purpose skillpark with you.