Csign is a textile- and composite technical based company. Working with high tech machinery and a broad knowledge and network this allow us to produce several series of sports, motion and branding products that really add an extra to your company.

We make custom- made rugs with our tuft application according to the customer’s wishes. The Csign innovative (3D) tuft technique creates endless possibilities for all kind of applications that can be used in different customized projects.  

We are excellent in finding the right synergy between production of our robots and yarns. For this we work together with top experts in various sectors to develop the applications of aesthetic and functional projects.

Csign artificial grass mats are created for several sectors. 

Csign Sports

With Csign Sports we developed a 3D concept [home and club installations] in flooring solutions. You will find these innovative rugs in hockey, golf and football
In hockey we created challenging 3D skillparks with all kind of excersises. We also created a innovative dragflickzone for the perfect dragflick

Also a series of high performance hockeysticks have been recently launched. 

Beside all of these we created a nice range of gear & wear.

Csign Motion

We produce and supply personalized therapy mats with specialized figures which can be used for physiotherapist and Rehabilitation institutes. We also integrated these concepts in movement parks solutions.

These custom- made solutions also fits great in in the fitness industry. With different custom- made training mats like speedtracks and different tiles that provide the ideal personal training. Together with the 3D- tuft innovation we challenge everyone who is willing to work out!  This can be used by crossfit, personal training and bootcamps. 

Schools and urban playgrounds mats create an environment where kids can have fun and play with the custom-made mats. These elements can be used in separate tiles or school gardens.

Csign Branding

We are an innovative and creative partner for branding your company. Logo rugs and all thinkable variations on the brands’ utterances or DNA is our specialty. From shop interior to headquarters we provide both in- and outdoor solutions.